Competition 2014 # ID Arte Recicla 
 | Pavilion | Havi Navarro & María Olmedal |

View of the Pavilion

[en] caja 


Each year, Ifema invites famous architects to design rewarding environments for the fair as part of its exhibition program. This time, we aim to focus on some specific structures not widely considered in earlier editions, but greatly important for improving the experience of the user. The installation [en]caja is thought to immerse the audience in a cultural space defined by a 20 steps’ pyramid, designed to open up a panoramic view of the fair. The pyramid subtly distinguishes itself from the context of white event stands while it achieves a structure for fairgoers that is able to act as bookshelf, view point or social space. 


Concept Interested in experimenting with re-usable materials, [en]caja focused on two phenomena that are particular of Spain, as it is the abundance of fruits and the agricultural tradition that defines one of the country main income. [en]caja follows the emblematic shape of the pyramid, traditionally related to human culture. It consists of a modular orthogonal structure based on the deconstruction of the pyramid that allows the creation of different spaces for the user to rest and enjoy reading and contemplating. Structurally the installation is based on the overlap of recycled rectangular plastic modules, engineered with flanges, creating structurally autonomous complex. A special cardboard sheet and rigid helpers apply to some of the modules, in order to increase its strength and resistance.