Transcomputational Membranes
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Trans-Computational Membranes.  Architectural Association Visiting School Madrid

Under the name, Trans-Computational Membranes, the Architectural Association Visiting School Madrid challenges the conception of flexibility within the context of spatial re-adaptation. During the 2013 School, new computational methods were utilised to rethink membrane structures from the micro to macro, resulting in a plethora of habitable prototypes. 

Students were involved in a continuous dialogue between analog and digital experimentation, where material processes and fabrication techniques are incorporated within a digital working methodology, analysing material behaviour from nano-scale patterns to the production of physical 1-to-1 scale prototypes. Generative design workshops took place throughout the programme, aiming at digital fabrication of textile structures though the use of physical simulations. Parallel to their research development, students collaborated in the fabrication of a full scale membrane-based pavilion which investigated reconfiguration as a response to rapid fluctuations to todays specific needs. 

A lecture series was developed in parallel to the studio-based research. Renowned speakers addressed topics relating to dynamic architectural models, adaptive systems and patterning experimentation for spatial deployment. The event was developed in coordination with Universidad Europea and was hosted in the Official College of Architects (COAM) which sponsored the programme together with Actíu, Philips, Volumaniac and the British Embassy Madrid. 


AA VISITING SCHOOL DIRECTOR: Christopher Pierce. AAVS MADRID DIRECTOR: Manuel Jiménez García. LOCAL COORDINATOR: Jose Luis E. Penelas. FACULTY: Roberto García Vélez, María Olmos Zúnica, Antonio Guijarro, Vicente Soler. GUEST CRITICS, AND LECTURERS: Carles Salas, Soledad Berbegal, Izaskun Chinchilla, José Ballesteros, Andrés Perea, Nuria Alvarez Lombardero, José Maria Capellán, Nestor Montenegro, Angel Alonso, Sara Gemma Sabate, Pedro Pablo Arroyo, Stephen Foley, Beatriz Matos. STUDENTS: Alejandro Martínez de Velasco, Maria Cristina Rodrigo Salazar, Aly Magdy Mohamed Fouad, Maciá Jorge Cerdá Inglés, Maria Olmeda Franco, Miguel Angel Jiménez García, Álvaro López Rodríguez, Ignacio Viguera Ochoa, Jose Real Cambas, Jesús Jordi Velasco Mancho, Vicente Sánchez Seoane, Luis Benito Alonso, Kawtar Sayegrih, Maria Andrea Diaz Usme, Ralph Gebara, Thaïs Salas, Rojda Can, Jie Chen.


Pavilion at Colegios de Arquitectos de Madrid