Studio Flux
Studio Design, Carleton University, Ottawa  |  Furniture Design, Interior Design  |  5 Participants  | PDF  Link  |  Video Link  

Storage area from the entrance

Furniture Design for Azrieli School of Architecture, Ottawa, Canada

Studio Flux is a furniture design project for Azrieli School of Architecture. The former furniture came to its end and was no longer meeting the requirements of the contemporary architecture practice. The challenge begins redefining the necessities of the students in order to create a new workplace that should incorporate current technologies and practices.

The project takes place in two areas and with three different kinds of furniture. The first place to deal with is the studio entrance, currently without specific purpose. It will be the main storage area for students in order to keep their models or tools. Within this zone, the repeating of a modular piece of furniture will solve as a repository and a physical self support structure. The next area corresponds with the workplace and meeting place. Former desk lack of mobility represented several problems for the students. Because of that, the new mobility highlights for its versatility and mobility.The area will become a multifunctional workplace due to the arbitrary distribution of different curvilinear tables that can be grouped in different ways and for different purposes.