Industrial landscapes

Industrial landscapes talks about connectivity, about the relations between elements, how they react with themselves and how they interact when other influences are involved.  Each of the pieces reveals different situations and mechanisms for the enclose material. Some of them remind the idea of a field or landscape that is usually static but moves when the other arrives. The user is the only able to make them change.  Consequently every touch or movement within the installation modifies the configuration of the whole system, that is never going to be the same. 

Then, it is possible to create new art pieces and new shapes attached to different feelings or remind. In other hand, patterns might change regarding the mechanism of each individual piece, sometimes it is linearly or determined, but it can be also senseless or might be completely based on the user choice. 
Industrialized landscapes has a temporary condition, like society. Filings are not movible itself but they act because of the other, however this movements are limited and not a single change is allow without their limits or without change the rest of the environment

Materials:  Wood, Glass, Iron filings, Iron wool, Steel, Rubber, Ferrite magnet and Neodymium magnet 
Dimensions; Variable