Deep in the Woods
Studio Design 2014 # UEM  | Educational, Cultural, Arts  |  Individual  |    

Electronics Art School, Social and Exhibition Center, Madrid, Spain


EAS is located in Moscardó, the northern neighborhoof of Usera distric, in the south of madrid. It is a residential area with a population of 134,154 people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Key features within the neighborhood highlights its high inmigrant population or old native population, high rates of people on the treshold of poverty, job insecurity, low levels of education, insecurity and problems of integration within different social groups. In adidition, new situations also arise derived from this context such as vandalism, drug abuse, discrimination and irregular trade.

The project aims to create a new cultural space for the all these people, retrieving a large empty lot on the bank of the Manzanares River, an area recently taken over by the planning department of the Community of Madrid. The plot, now empty, has 20,921 square meters and is located between Manzanares Avenue and the streets of Antonio López, San Eugenio Zacarias and Caxés. 

EAS is conceived as a space for art, education, and social meeting point, a place that should be away from the noise and pollution of the city and that should allow the users to free the mind and create opportunities for creation or debate. The proposal consists of creating a sort of forest that will benefit the surrounding environment, creating a space in which the natural and artificial coexist combining the cultural landscape and specific interventions. In this way, most of the area will be filled with trees that created a sharp contrast to the urban context. People will not be able to know what's going on deep in the forest due to the density of the trees. An atmosphere of curiosity will appear and the landscape will have a sort of poetic ambiance. It will be difficult to control the movement of people. People will weave formed in small trails through the forest. The density of the forest provides people with different experiences.